A packed programme of free-to-attend content strands

At FOCUS, delegates enjoy a packed free-to-attend programme of keynotes, panels, masterclasses, workshops and presentations. covering  film, TV, advertising, animation and games. 

To make sure that it is completely relevant to the industry, the FOCUS conference programme is developed  in consultation with a Content Advisory Board featuring representatives from leading industry bodies, including Pact, The Production Guild, BFI, BFC, UK Screen Alliance, ScreenSkills, Directors UK, and Advertising Producers Association.

This year’s programme is below. Keep checking back for full details. Please note session time are subject to change. 

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The conference programme is presented in association with media partner Variety and sponsored by Global Production Network.

FOCUS 2021 Programme

Check back for full details. Times subject to change.
Day 1
Dec 07 2021

Nobody Knows Anything… Still

John K. Corser
Kayvan Mashayekh

New Tech Solutions – Call It! and SMASH

The disruptive power of tech and how it can help make the screen industries safer, more accessible and easier to navigate.
Kate Wilson
Fiona Gillies
Fiona Gillies
Mahesh Ramachandra
Mahesh Ramachandra
Salma Conway

The Art of Location Management

Insights on planning, preparing and managing shoots on location in association with BECTU.
Nicky Britt
Harriet Lawrence
Helene Lenszner
Spike Davies

How to simplify location expenses – a talk with Equals Money (Exhibitor Presentation)

Gain insights into what the future holds for production money management.
Ben Cauley
Adam Ioannou

Legal Refresher for Film & TV Producers

In association with Harbottle & Lewis LLP. 1-2-1 sessions are also available during FOCUS.
Katrien Roos

THE METAVERSE: What it is and how to use it

How media companies should be approaching The Metaverse to gain a stake in its potential future.
Sophie Trainor
Martin Taylor
Alistair Maclean-Clark
Rhys Hancock
Richard Coates

Seetha Kumar, CEO ScreenSkills, in conversation with Nick Catliff

Meeting the skills challenges of today and future-proofing the industry of tomorrow.
Seetha Kumar
Nick Catliff - Consultant 
Nick Catliff

People, Planet, Profit (Green Zone | Live Only)

Showcasing purpose-led companies who have achieved B-Corp status by putting people and the planet at the front and centre of their businesses.

Why Co-produce with Flanders? (Exhibitor Presentation)

Learn all about the film financing mechanisms, locations and facilities of the Flanders region
Katrien Maes

Non-Fungible Tokens: Power to the Producer

Could NFTs really tip the balance of power in favour of the content creation community?
Irina Albita
Jules Robinson
Michelle Munson
Petrit Berisha
Tony Pearce

Ita O’Brien: An ‘Intimate’ Conversation

An in-depth conversation with the UK’s leading Intimacy Coordinator.
Ita O’Brien
Gaby French

Sustainable Lights, Camera, Action! (Green Zone | Live Only)

Hear from those who have made carbon reductions, understanding why they should be happening on every set.

A more sustainable film industry is not an Impossible Mission! (Exhibitor Presentation)

How do we solve the problem of waste and implement a strategy of reuse in film & TV? Presented by CAMA.
Michelle French
Michaele Apostolides

BOOM: Over 200 crew roles to fill. Where to find them?

How do we build a strong, diverse FTV workforce? In association with The Production Guild of Great Britain.
Perelandra Beedles
Lyndsay Duthie
Catherine Francis Driscoll
Adrienne Noonan
Rebecca Baker
Jivan Mann
Christine Healy

Meet The UK Global Screen Fund

Learn about the UK Global Screen Fund’s international development and distribution opportunities for the independent screen sector.
Colin Williams
Annabel Grundy

New beginnings in 2022 with the Advertising Producers Association

The production environment is tough, yet smart people are starting new companies or moving into production. What is the opportunity they see?
Jemel Richards
Florencia Arrizabalaga
Chris Watling
Steve Davies
Danny Whybrow

Everybody Knows Greece (Exhibitor Presentation)

…For its heaven-like locations, highly experienced crew, a range of incentives guaranteed by flexible procedures, safety protocols, easy access.
Vasiliki Diagouma
Venia Vergou

Destination: Filming in Portugal (Exhibitor Presentation)

Film Commissioner Manuel Claro presents the reasons to film in Portugal, including a 30% cash rebate.
Manuel Claro

On Your Mind: Tackling Mental Health in the Screen Industries

Key stakeholders leading the front line response to mental health issues discuss their initiatives.
Dr Gina Jackson OBE
Sarah McCaffrey
Emily Collin
Sarah Sorrell
Andy Glynne

That’s a Relief!: Making the Most of British Tax Breaks

A guide to the UK’s Creative Sector Tax Reliefs. 1-2-1 sessions are also available during FOCUS.
Isla MacGillivray
Anna Mansi
Dan Bernado
Andrew Wright
Niall Davies
Chantel Burrell

Licence to Film: An International Location Filming Masterclass featuring James Bond  

Presented by the British Film Commission
Meghan Beaton
Teresa Azcona
Gregg Wilson
Ali James
Samantha Perahia MBE


Presentation of British TV series benefiting from the Croatian Incentive Programme.
Walter Iuzzolino
Nebojsa Taraba
Jakov-Matija Kapetanović
Tanja Ladovic Blazevic

It’s Time to Design for Reuse (Green Zone | Live Only)

One of the major sustainability challenges within the industry is the waste of production materials. Traditionally a large proportion of materials are purchased or made to specification. Reuse is perceived...
Read More

New Horizons: Where we are with Virtual Production

What is now possible in virtual production and what we can expect in the next decade.
Neil Graham
Paul Franklin
Jamie Allan
Michael McKenna
Victoria Johnson

BFI Skills Review

The BFI’s UK-wide review, in close collaboration with industry, aims to set direction of travel for future growth and competitiveness.
Helen Johnson
Neil Peplow
Paula Campbell
Seetha Kumar

International Co-Production with Pact

A dialogue between international and UK co-producers, including Zig Zag, Pegasus and Star Media.
Dawn McCarthy-Simpson MBE
Danny Fenton
Elli Cassata
Vladyslav Riashyn

Cyprus: A Natural Film Studio (Exhibitor Presentation)

Discover all Cyprus has to offer, including financial incentives of up to 40% for film productions.
Lefteris S. Eleftheriou

Neurocreative Productions: Understanding the emotional effects of colour and craft

Brand new research reveals how colour can drive campaign and emotional effectiveness.
Callum Gould

Seismic shifts; a screen workforce revolution?

How the games, animation, VHX and advertising workforce will change over the next decade. Are we are ready for it?
Caroline Levy
Tom Box
Amy Smith
Dr Gina Jackson OBE

Canadian Stratagem: Future workforce, Creative potential

Exploring how workforce shortages can be minimized and everyone can participate in the creative economy.
Michael Cerenzie
Jeff Melanson

THE FRENCH EXPERIENCE (Exhibitor Presentation)

Learn about France’s latest evolution of its up to 40%.Tax Rebate for International Production.
Day 2
Dec 08 2021

A Fistful of Finance – Funding your Project Now

Unpacking sources of funding and the finance structuring tools available to a producer.
Tim O’Shea
Emma Smith ACCA - Founder
Emma Louise Smith
Luane Gauer - Head of Acquisitions, Protagonist Pictures Limited 
Luane Gauer
Ivan Kelava
Mark Foligno
Nigel Walde
Judith Chan
Judith Chan

Accelerating Diversity with ITV

Update on ITV’s Diversity Acceleration Plan
Anthony Ogunkoya
Waris Islam
Nahrein Kemp
Sam Tatlow

Legal Refresher for Film & TV Producers

In association with Harbottle & Lewis LLP. 1-2-1 sessions are also available during FOCUS.
Katrien Roos

Introduction to Green Energy on Location (Green Zone | Live Only)

How can you divest from diesel generators while shooting on location?


Trevor Robinson OBE in conversation with Raoul Shah about their collaboration on the Create Not Hate project.
Trevor Robinson
Raoul Shah

Championing Underrepresented Stories and Audiences

Case studies of films including Walk With Me, Rebel Dykes and That Was A Serious Party
Miranda Fleming


Genevieve Margrett
Sophie Broadbent

Filming in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France (Exhibitor Presentation)

Wonderful and multifaceted locations, modern studio solutions and an experienced network of film commissions.
Anne-Cécile Celimon-Paul
Camille Feret
Caroline Warin
Vanessa Kuzay
Michel Brussol


New approaches to production and distribution with T A P E, Girls in Film and FedUP Studio Lab
Isra Al Kassi
Isra Al Kassi
Josephine Amalie von Bülow
Alixe Lobato
Becs Rainey

The Curious Case of Indie Producers

Producers working across different genres and varying budget levels discuss the current state of play.
Allon Reich
Victoria Thomas
Julie Baines
Helen Simmons
Andrea Cornwell
Nicky Bentham - Producer/Founder, Neon Films
Nicky Bentham

Gerety Talks Christmas Ads

This year’s most iconic Christmas ads, presented by the people behind their creation.
Karen Boswell
Alex Reeves
Alex Coxhill
Tracey Cooper

Sustainability on set: A conversation (GREEN ZONE | LIVE ONLY)

A discussion on bringing sustainability and carbon reductions to the forefront of the conversation.

Service Production Networks and their Value for Advertising

Steve Davies
Harry Tracosas Founder and CEO of Global Production Network (GPN
Harry Tracosas
Julia Weichinger
Julia Weichinger
Michael Moffett
Pavla Burgetova Callegari
Ivo van Vollenhoven CEO & Founder 24/7
Ivo Van Vollenhoven

Documentary – Scripted, Unscripted!

A diverse panel will discuss the explosion of documentaries and review the range of work being made


In Association with FilmFixer.
Andrew Pavord
Mark Wilson

Get your House in Order (GREEN ZONE | LIVE ONLY)

Would you like to start understanding the carbon impact of your productions but don’t know how to? Join AdGreen’s session and learn how to use the newly launched AdGreen Carbon...
Read More
Sophie Broadbent

Making Better Films with FULL CIRCLE and FIRST CUT LABS

What are the magic ingredients to help your film reach its potential?
Anna Von Dziembowska
Matthieu Darras


In Association with FilmFixer.

THE PRACTICAL POPUP: Filming with Drones

In Association with FilmFixer.
Justin Glynn
Day 3
Dec 09 2021

Filming in the BVI: Endless opportunities beyond your imagination (Digital Exhibitor Presentation)

This session captures all of the possibilities that filming in the British Virgin Islands can offer.
Natalie Hodge

ATA CARNETS: THE BOOMERANG BENEFIT (Digital Exhibitor Presentation)

Learn why getting your carnet from boomerang carnets adds benefits no one else can offer.
Curt E.H. Wilson
Eric Huyton
Kiel Ursin Kiel

In Association With