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Over the three days of FOCUS Digital 2020, delegates enjoyed a packed programme of keynotes, panels, masterclasses, workshops and presentations. covering  film, TV, advertising, animation and games. The over-arching theme of the 2020 programme was “Future-proofing the Screen Industries” The agenda was a hopeful one – looking at ways of making the industries more adaptable using the lessons of the past year.

To make sure that it is completely relevant to the industry, the FOCUS programme is developed  in consultation with a Content Advisory Board featuring representatives from leading industry bodies, including Pact, The Production Guild, Directors UK, BFI, BFC, UK Screen Alliance, Creative Europe UK, ScreenSkills and Advertising Producers Association.

The programme is curated by Sue Hayes and presented in association with our media partner Variety and content sponsor Production Service Network.

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Day 1
Dec 15 2020
Day 2
Dec 16 2020
Day 3
Dec 17 2020

Do Black Lives Really Matter?: Keynote with Pat Younge

Pat Younge  is an award-winning journalist and creative leader with 29 years’ experience, working at major broadcasters at home and abroad. He was a co-founder of Sugar Films in 2015, which...
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Pat Younge
Tim Dams

Main Road Post: VFX without borders:

Welcome to Main Road Post – a Moscow-based VFX Studio! During the studio tour we will gladly share our experience, introduce you to our team, plus tell you everything about...
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Arman Yahin
Julia Huene

Surviving and thriving as a Freelancer

Freelancers are the backbone and the lifeblood of productions. We’ve brought together freelancing expert and author of The Freelance Bible, Alison Grade alongside several freelancers from across the globe who...
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Hakam Poselay
Alison Grade
Séamus Murphy-Mitchell
Clémence de Cambourg
Louise Patel
Sarah McCaffrey

Gibraltar – Time to Be Enlightened and Inspired for your next location shoot

The presentation gives the audience an insightful overview of the destination and the sights available for access, which it is hoped will outline what Gibraltar can offer for film &...
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Nicky Guerrero

The Independents: Turning Your Problems Into Assets. Keynote with Phil Hunt

For most producers, 2020 has been a difficult year. In his keynote interview  Phil Hunt outlines why he feels the experience of the pandemic may offer more rather than less,...
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Phil Hunt

Film Paris Region: all you want to know about producing and shooting in the City of Lights

Through a thorough presentation of all our assets in the Paris region, get ready to produce in one of the most iconic and professional filming historical biotope. Learn about our...
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Stéphane Martinet

US & UK – how are advertising’s biggest markets coping?

APA Chief Executive, Steve Davies is joined by LA based Davud Karbassioun,  Global President of Commercials and Branded, Pulse Films and London based James Sorton, Managing Director/EP of Commercials and Music Videos...
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James Sorton
Dav Karbassioun
Steve Davies

The Reality of Virtual Production

2020 witnessed an enormous development in the area of virtual technology or virtual production.  Its potential appears to be limitless.  The release of The Mandalorian in 2019 and the pandemic...
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Glenn Kelly
Brian Mitchell
Tim Keene
Hasraf ‘HaZ’ Dulull
Victoria Johnson

How to Better Manage Your Production Budget

Speaker: Freddy Greenish – Director Music, Film and Entertainment, Centtrip To attend this session you will need to REGISTER  as a delegate. It is completely FREE and gives access to...
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Freddy Greenish

Can’t Skip Filming in Portugal

Portugal Film Commission (PFC) has as main objectives to support and promote cinema and audiovisual and the internationalization of Portugal as a filming destination. It is a Portuguese government project...
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Manuel Claro

Legal Refresher for Film & TV Producers

This always hugely popular session returns to FOCUS 2020 Digital. The presentation will touch on legal topics relevant to film and TV producers working on developing and producing projects in...
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Katrien Roos

SOS Global Express: Supporting your international production

SOS Global Express are experienced in helping TV and Film productions with their International operations, from the planning and budgeting phase through to the successful completion of the production. We will...
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Giles Kennedy

Only in Poland

Find out why you should choose Poland as your next filming destination. Learn about Polish incentives, infrastructure, market and our industry. Speakers: Maria Gradowska-Tomow – Head of International Relations Department,...
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Kamila Morgisz
Maria Gradowska-Tomow


A great opportunity to discover the many ways of working with France! Presenting the 30% Tax Rebate for International Production, now with a bonus 10% rebate for VFX. The event...
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Laurie Ades
John Bernard
Stephan Bender

Creative Industries Showcase – Calgary, Alberta

From film and television to interactive digital media, Calgary has the talent, crews and venues for any creative endeavour. Join to find out why it’s no wonder Calgary is a...
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Tori Romano
Erin O’Connor
Luke Azevedo

THE EXAMPLE OF THE CNC FRANCE: Keynote with Michel Plazanet

Keynote with Michel Plazanet, Deputy Director of International and European Affairs, CNC France. Co-productions are at the heart of French Film industry : with 116 official feature film co-productions in...
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Michel Plazanet
Stephan Bender

Let’s Create Together in the Philippines

An archipelagic state of 7000+ islands with landscapes spanning from country to city, an army of experienced, English-speaking talent and crew, and incentives up to USD 198,000 awarded whether in the development/production/post-production...
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The new Era of Remote Production.

With lockdown, many companies were forced to postpone their productions. But there were some, who regularly shoot across the world, who came up with different solutions using local crews and...
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Dawn McCarthy-Simpson MBE
Yanina Barry
Julie Beanland
Jamie Stratton
Tom Brisley

CCS Rights Management: Your Music Partner 

An in-depth description of how Music Publishing works for and with production companies who own and/or control music in their productions. CCS Rights Management is a music publishing company that...
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Jodie Ferneyhough

FRANCO-NORDIC CO-PRODUCTION: Growing partnerships and new opportunities

To attend this session you will need to REGISTER  as a delegate. It is completely FREE and gives access to the whole programme. If you are already registered, please log in...
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Xénia Maingot
Magnus Thomassen
Wendy Mitchell
Ragna Nordhus Midtgard
Nicola Soderlund
Nathalie Bremond
Mathieu Fournet
Mark Lwoff
Liselott Forsman
Helen Ahlsson
Charles Gillibert
Anthony Alleyne
Stéphane Martinet

Producers in Conversation: SO WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?

The pandemic, lockdown and experience of the past 10 months has demonstrated the resilience and creativity of the industry. But there is still a way to go. In this producers...
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Julie Baines
Jasmin Morrison
Nick Taussig
Tim Thornhill


The celebration of British work from the last twelve months highlights the production companies, editors, VFX, audio-post and music companies that bring to life the full potential of a script....
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Seth Wilson
Ellie Johnson
Steve Davies


The National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication-EKOME and the Hellenic Film Commission present:  “FILMING IN GREECE AGAINST ALL ODDS”  The National Centre of Audiovisual Media & Communication-EKOME and the...
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Kostas Kefalas
Erik Hemmendorff 
Vasiliki Diagouma
Venia Vergou
Christopher Vourlias

Optimise your Film Financing through Co-production: A Masterclass

The global media industry is changing. Finance remains uncertain and risk averse. In his workshop, Ilann Girard will outline why and how producers should be thinking more about co-productions and how...
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Ilann Girard

Making the Most of the UK’s Tax Relief

Industry experts from production, accounting, legal and certification provide advice and guidance on the UK’s Screen Sector tax reliefs. Speakers: Anna Mansi – Head of Certification, BFI Anwen Griffiths –...
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Sinead McHugh
Claire Mundell
Chantel Burrell
Anwen Griffiths
Anna Mansi

ATA Carnets: A Brexit Certainty

Unlike many aspects of the Brexit transition year, ATA Carnet use around the world, and now into the E.U., remains a certainty.  ATA Carnets accompany cargo shipments , as well...
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Curt E.H. Wilson
Rachel Pisani
Eric Huyton

The Practicalities of Producing TV and Film during Covid

As part of the BFI’s Screen Sector COVID-19 Taskforce, the British Film Commission (BFC) led on the creation of Working Safely During COVID-19 in Film and High-end TV Drama Production guidance through...
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Florian Cassel-Delavois
Georgette Turner LMGI
Samantha Perahia MBE

Location Management in a COVID-19 World

Four members of the Location Managers Guild International sit to discuss the changing world of Location Management in the current global COVID-19 Pandemic.  From the changes in scouting, prep and production they...
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Mike Fantasia LMGI
Ken Haber LMGI
John Rakich LMGI
Markus Bensch LMGI

Agent of Change: Keynote with Sara Putt 

Apart from being an extremely successful agent, Sara Putt is highly regarded as a champion of women, new talent and trainees. Actively involved in WIFTV, BAFTA and the Film and...
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Sara Putt
Michelle James Reynolds

Iceland adds another incentive for producers – Listen how you can benefit. 

Did you know that Iceland offers a 25% refund on both film production costs and music recording costs? Everything you need to know about how these initiatives work and what...
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Einar Hansen Tomasson
Bryndis Jonatansdottir

The Games Industry – Can it Sustain its Success?

One of the success stories of 2020 is the games industry. The lockdown created a huge surge in user engagement and spending. The demand for content has been quite extraordinary...
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Spencer Crossley
Annie Shaw
Gina Jackson OBE
Emma Smith
Elena Egorova

Pushing past the pandemic – the practicalities of production outside of London.

COVID-19 presented film and television production with an unprecedented challenge. Thanks to the publication of The British Film Commission’s ‘Working Safely During Covid-19 in Film and High End Television Drama...
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Jon Walters
Andrew Reid
Brodie Pringle
Hayley Armstrong
Lyndsay Duthie
Lynn Saunders

Reconciling Covid Production Safety with Sustainability

To return to work safely, the industry has spent months grappling with complex Covid-19 guidelines. So, with all these new changes and processes, how are production teams managing to keep...
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Anastasia King
Nader Mabadi
Gabi Kay
Katy Murdoch
Jo Coombes

EUFCN – Filming Across Europe

In this wide-ranging discussion moderated by Wendy Mitchell, three EUFCN members from Czech Republic, Italy and Greece, will explore how they managed to maintain production throughout the pandemic. The European...
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Angelica Cantisani
Jacopo Chessa
Pavlina Zipkova
Wendy Mitchell
Venia Vergou

A New Golden Age? The expansion of film and TV production in London and the UK post-COVID

Tune in to hear Adrian Wootton OBE, Chief Executive of Film London and the British Film Commission, and friends discuss the exciting developments shaping the London and UK film and TV industry, pre and post-COVID. Joining Wootton to spread...
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Michelle Jenkins
Charlotte Surtees
Jason Hariton
Adrian Wootton OBE

Delivering a Skilled Workforce for the Booming HETV Industry

A skilled and inclusive workforce is critical to the recovery and future growth of high-end television production across the UK. Join Christine Healy and Kaye Elliott to hear how the...
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Kaye Elliott
Christine Healy

Brexit: What Happens Next?

31 December 2020 marks the end of the 11-month transition period following the UK’s departure from the EU in January this year. From 2021, the way the UK works with the...
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Victoria Stone
Jack Powell
Samantha Perahia MBE

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