A Fistful of Finance – Funding your Project Now

A Fistful of Finance – Funding your Project Now

Unpacking sources of funding and the finance structuring tools available to a producer.

This session unpacks the journey a project goes through in securing funding. How to navigate multi-country co-productions, the specifics of UK co-production rules and other finance structuring tools available to a Producer. What does a buyer look for in analysing as secure an investment as possible? What films should be financed or invested in and how does the finance plan support that?

Moderated by Emma Louise Smith –  Finance Strategist

Judith Chan – Executive Director, Media Banking Office, Coutts & Co
Ivan Kelava – Production & Finance Executive, Hanway Films
Mark Foligno –  Producer
Luane Gauer – Head of Acquisitions, Protagonist Pictures
Nigel Walde –  Saffery Champness
Tim O’Shea – Commercial Director, Pulse Films

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