Story Sharing in the Future Home

Dec 05 2017
17:30- 18:15
Room C

Story Sharing in the Future Home

How AI, Voice, IOT, and Mixed Realities will transform conversations with consumers in the Connected Home of 2020.

Futurist, Simon Gosling, led the creation and storywriting of the Home of the Future, for News Corp owned AdTech company, Unruly, which launched in May this year. This 2,000 sq ft connected, cognified home, set within Unruly’s Whitechapel HQ, is fully voice activated, IoT connected and AI driven. It represents the next wave of marketing, the Ambient era; the most powerful canvas for advertising we’ve ever experienced.

But how will brands share emotionally intelligent stories, with consumers, in this new ecosystem of screens, machines and devices? What are the opportunities and what are the risks?

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