New approaches to production and distribution with T A P E, Girls in Film and FedUP Studio Lab

T A P E co-founder Isra Al Kassi, discusses new collaborative, supportive approaches to production and distribution with Girls in Film  and FedUP Studio Lab 

T A P E is a curatorial collective which works across production, distribution and exhibition, challenging traditional ways of filmmaking and looking to demystify the industry for marginalised voices.

Girls in Film is a network operating in the UK, South Africa, Prague and Amsterdam, which represents, champions and connects the new generation of female, non-binary and trans creatives in the film industry.

FedUP Studio Lab is an ethical animation design studio. UK Based, operating worldwide.

[Image: What About Me? by Lois Stevenson.]

Isra Al Kassi – Co-founder, T A P E
Becs Rainey – Head of Production, Girls in Film
Josephine Amalie von Bülow –  Director, FedUP Studio Lab
Alixe Lobato – Co-founder and Creative Director, FedUP Studio Lab
Angie Moneke – Co-founder TAPE & Senior Production Executive at Working Title Films

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