THE PRACTICAL POP-UP: How to Successfully Film on the Streets

Dec 08 2021
14:00 - 14:45

THE PRACTICAL POP-UP: How to Successfully Film on the Streets

In Association with FilmFixer.

Andrew Pavord from FilmFixer and Mark Wilson from Action Traffic Management are hosting a short workshop which will explain the issues local councils have when considering applications to film on the streets. Production companies often have to submit applications several times, lead times can be very long. This workshop by Mark Wilson (who has worked for many Highways departments in London Councils) will help Location Managers and other location professionals understand how to make sure their Traffic Management applications sail through the permission process.Councils regularly receive complaints about security companies being “heavy handed” with the public, and air pollution from generators. Sections of London are being “rested” (i.e. no filming allowed) because of these complaints. Andrew Pavord, Chairman of FilmFixer (film service suppliers to 14 London boroughs) hopes to discuss ways to improve the current situation.


Andrew Pavord – Founder, FilmFixer
Mark WilsonFounder & Managing Director, Action Traffic Management

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