To Treaty or Not to Treaty? – How to Co-Produce

To Treaty or Not to Treaty? – How to Co-Produce

Speaker Lucy Drake is Financial Controller on ‘Indrigo’

Co-producing comes with its very own set of tricks and challenges. Do you go through the official Treaty process? Does that country have a treaty? What is the Treaty Points system? How do I give investors on all sides confidence? How do I keep the film on budget? What about currency exchange?

Come and join us for a discussion on working across borders and with producers and companies in other countries. We will discuss hints and tips, how to get the best out of a co-production treaty and financial safeguards.

Moderated by Samantha Scowcroft

Lucy Drake – Financial Controller
Jaivin Vora – Tax Accountant, Nyman Libson Paul
Sophie Venner – Producer
Ilann Girard – CEO Olffie