Curt E.H. Wilson

Curt E.H. Wilson – CEO boomerang carnets

Curt directs and oversees all boomerang carnets® day-to-day operations in the UK and US. His expertise includes the “Brexit” Carnet, carnet guaranty underwriting, logistics, HMR Customs and foreign customs, cargo insurance and customer care. Curt has traveled extensively domestically and internationally representing U.K. and U.S. carnet interests and evangelizing about the many benefits of the ATA Carnet document.

Curt directed the transition of boomerang carnets® from a claims handling company to a major U.S. carnet issuing office and has overseen the successful expansion of boomerang carnets into the UK. His underwriting expertise and industry specific customer service have given him a reputation in the production industry as the go-to person for a simple “Brexit” Carnet solution and for quick turn-around ATA Carnets.

Sessions with Curt E.H. Wilson