Helene Lenszner


Helene Lenszner

Helene Lenszner – Supervising Location Manager

I started working in the Film/TV industry in 1991 as an Assistant Location Manager on a ‘Leon The Pig Farmer’, a low budget/deferred (no!) payment film and a launch into a 30 year career as a Location Manager across Drama, Features and HETV.  I have endeavoured to choose projects for their intent, content and creative vision and by far not least, the impression that I could build a strong, collaborative relationship with the Director, Designer and Producer on each adventure.
I have worked on projects of all budgets and scales over the years and as well as still hugely enjoying my job after this very long time, I also take great pleasure in helping nuture, encourage and find opportunities for the new generations of crew this now huge, flourishing  industry needs.
The industry as a whole is working hard to make the newer cohort a more diverse one in all ways.  My involvement with Bectu, both on the Locations Branch Committee and recently as Co-Chair has brought a wider collaboration with colleagues across all departments and strengthened my wish to help develop and strengthen our industry and work-places for us all.

Sessions with Helene Lenszner

The Art of Location Management

Dec 07 2021
10:05 - 11:00