Sharon Vibert

Sharon Vibert

Sharon Vibert – Director, Henpicked 

Sharon Vibert is a Director of Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace. Their focus is supporting employers in becoming menopause friendly, by following best practice standards. From introducing policies or guidance, resources, educating, training colleagues, managers, and champions. To embedding menopause into the culture of an organisations by keeping conversations going and providing the right going support.  

Sharon and the team at Henpicked Menopause in the Workplace are passionate about empowering people to live their best lives. They’re into their 5th year and work with a wide range of public and private sector employers, large and small both in the UK, Ireland and Globally. 

Sharon’s interests are in female health and wellness, particularly focusing on menopause, which also led her to start Good Midlife Vibes providing a community and platform for women to help one another by sharing their wisdom, stories, tips and support.  

As an experienced pubic speaker Sharon is often asked to share her professional and personal menopause experience across all media platforms, empowering women to take positive action. 


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