Vladyslav Riashyn

Vladyslav Riashyn

Vladyslav Riashyn President of Star Media 

Vladyslav Riashyn is one of the reputable leaders of media industry in Eastern Europe. Having started his career in the television industry as an author, producer and host of TV shows, he was ultimately promoted to the position of the President of the Board of the Inter TV channel (Ukraine).

However, being an unstoppable achiever passionate about media, he left Inter and founded Star Media in 2006. Under his management, Star Media has grown into an award winning and internationally recognized production company, a distributor and owner of copyright to an extensive library of television and film productions.

In the sector of new media, Star Media develops under his guidance its own streaming service, LAVA, and Internet broadcasting, Star Media MCN on YouTube, collaborates with leading TV channels and streaming services.

As of today, he sees the fight against piracy as one of the priority directions in Star Media’s business. In 2020, the company successfully launched ContentScan, an anti-piracy service.

Due to his high professionalism and expertise, Vladyslav has become a member of The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (EMMY) and The European Film Academy.

Star Media’s productions have been awarded by AFI (USA), Seoul International Drama Awards (South Korea), TEFI Awards (Russia), Teletriumph Awards (Ukraine), the Monte-Carlo Television Festival (Monaco), WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival (USA), Sichuan TV Festival (China), and many more.

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