Spotlight on FOCUS exhibitor CCS Rights Management

Spotlight Q+A with Jodie Ferneyhuough from CCS Rights Management and how proper music management partners adds value to productions. Tune in to the presentation: CCS Rights Management: Your Music Partner on Wednesday 16 December at 11:20 to find out how you can benefit, or request a 1-2-1 meeting.

  • Jodie, what brings CCS Rights Management to FOCUS for the first time?

I’m excited to be part of FOCUS for the first time. I was intrigued by this event as it is very different than many other events that focus on selling or the post-production aspect. Music and the management of those owned properties is often either overlooked, poorly handled or simply forgotten about as production companies move to the next production. We want to emphasize that there is value in owning and controlling music in their productions, and our job is to add value by properly managing the music IP they have acquired.

By working with a music publisher, you gain a knowledgeable partner who does much more than register songs at a performing rights organization. A publisher manages all aspects of the musical IP, such as ensuring that cue sheets are properly filled in and filed, that all performing rights organizations worldwide are notified, and that all territories are monitored for illegal or unauthorized uses. They collect from areas that are not part of the PRO mandate, including YouTube, Tik Tok and all new services that come online as well as from mechanicals generated through TV and digital uses. Publishers can also add value to musical properties by licensing to toys, games, or even other TV properties.

We look forward to meeting with people in order to help them understand the importance of music and the value it brings before they begin production

  • What are you hoping to get out of FOCUS Digital and what in particular will you be promoting?

We want to demonstrate that we can help manage an important additional asset that might be overlooked or that can seem complicated and not worth doing. Our team is dedicated to working with companies that want to grow their portfolio of assets and growing their untapped revenue. A production company is in business to produce visual content and manage the assets that it creates. Music is a very specific part of that value chain and our company specializes in administering and exploiting it, allowing the company to focus on its strength of high-quality productions.

  • Please tell us briefly about CCS Rights Management and the services you provide the entertainment industries?

CCS is a full service music publishing and rights management company. CCS is attending FOCUS in order to speak with production companies about the value in owning music in their productions and how we can partner with them to best bring and add value to an often overlooked and under valued asset.

  • What productions have you been involved with in the past couple of years?

Productions we have and are involved with include the multiple EMMY Award winning TV series Schitt’s Creek; the Spin Master Ltd. properties including Abby Hatcher, Rusty Rivets, Hatchimals and, of course, PAW Patrol; and Blue Ant Media properties such as Stormborn, 24 Hours On Earth, and A Wild Year On Earth.

  • You are on the boards of MCP (Music Publishers Canada) and ICMP (International Confederation of Music Publishers) boards, what does this role involve?

Both boards are very important to the health of music publishing and songwriters both in Canada (MPC, based in Toronto) and the world (ICMP based in Brussels) as they work to ensure equitable  remuneration for use from a multitude of users. In the past it was predominately record labels, radio and TV networks providers and, to a lesser extent, film and TV producers. Today there are any number of sources that want to use music and not pay for it or pay the least amount they can, including consumers, labels, music streaming services, fitness equipment manufacturers, video game producers and even VOD suppliers. These companies spend millions of dollars annually worldwide to combat laws that force them to pay for the very content that is used to generate billions of dollars annually.

Attend the presentation CCS Rights Management: Your Music Partner on Wednesday 16 December at 11:20 on Thursday 17 December 2020 at 10:40 – 11:20. 

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