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FOCUS talks to Bas van der Ree, Netherlands Film Commissioner

The Netherlands Film Commission (NFC) will be exhibiting at this year’s FOCUS event. We spoke to Bas van der Ree of the NFC to ask about his plans to promote the country’s higher incentive rate and new virtual reality capabilities.

Bas, you attended FOCUS 2016. What brings you and the Netherlands Film Commission back to FOCUS this year?

We want to intensify our efforts to reach out to English production companies about our updated incentive possibilities. We also want to get visitors acquainted with VR possibilities in the Netherlands as well as creating more visibility of the south region of the Netherlands (Limburg).

Will you be putting special emphasis on promoting your 35% tax rebate incentive for foreign productions at FOCUS 2017?

Yes, very much so. The key updates on our current Incentive are: we are now open not only for film but also for high-end TV series, TV films, docs and animation, as well as an increase on the rebate of up to 35% including a maximised cap of EUR1.5 million per project. The incentive is open to any project that meets the conditions and criteria, from all countries across the globe. We are also bringing one of the world’s leading VR companies with us from the Netherlands to have virtual reality experiences available at the booth.

The Netherlands film industry is known for its open attitude to international co-production. Please tell us a little about the co-production funds that are in place and who they are available for?

Besides the cash rebate Incentive, the Netherlands Film Fund runs a selective funding programme for foreign co-productions with a maximum contribution of EUR250,000 per project. The fund focusses strongly here on projects from EU countries and countries the Netherlands has signed an official co-production treaty with.

What was the most common question you received from producers at FOCUS last year about the Netherlands as a filming destination?

“What is the production incentive and how large is your workforce in the Netherlands?”

In a sentence, how would you describe FOCUS to a producer thinking of attending FOCUS for the first time?

On a demarcated and centred square metre of space you will efficiently find the most current information and direct contacts of incentive programmes and locations in a variety of countries.

How do you like the FOCUS venue, exhibition layout, organisation and facilities?

FOCUS is very well organised, branded in an excellent way and uses social media to reach out in the proper manner.

Many thanks Bas. Looking forward to seeing you and the Netherlands Film Commission team at FOCUS 2017.

FOCUS 2017 will take place at London’s Business Design Centre, December 5th and 6thTo register your attendance for the event, click here.