Do the clever people now work in television?

Do the clever people now work in television?

Knightfall’s writer Dominic Minghella is on the panel

Carlo Dusi executive produced ‘Taboo’

Prompted by the Jane Campion quote – “The really clever people used to do film. Now the really clever people do television”Tim Dams will talk to our guests about their own experience and perspective as people who work in both film and TV
What for them, in this very new – only six years or so ago – FAANG dominated landscape, has changed? Do they now think differently about their projects and if so, in what way?

Moderated by Tim Dams – Journalist & Editor

Martyn Auty – Producer, Life & Soul Pictures
Carlo Dusi – Executive Producer, Scott Free
Dominic Minghella – Writer/Producer
Robert Jones
CEO, The Fyzz Facility
Elaine Steel – Agent

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