Josephine Amalie von Bülow

Josephine Amalie von Bülow

Josephine Amalie von Bülow – Director, FedUP Studio Lab

Josephine Amalie von Bülow is a Danish cross-disciplinary director and artist, based in the UK. Her work explores the boundaries between fiction and reality, drawing inspiration from documentary and anthropology. Her focus on storytelling led to a natural progression into films and she recently graduated from the Royal College of Art with a Master’s Degree in Documentary Animation. She often collaborates with charity organisations and/or NGO’s and has previously worked with The Wonder Foundation, Counterpoints Arts and The Baytree Centre Brixton. Josephine is currently working for FedUP Studio Lab as an assistant producer and animation director.

Sessions with Josephine Amalie von Bülow


Dec 08 2021
12:00 - 13:00