Julia Huene

Julia Huene

Julia Huene – COO, Main Road Post/CEO, Moon Rocket Project

Julia Huene, COO of Main Road Post and CEO of Moon Rocket Project – a newborn animation content development sister company of Main Road Post. Julia launched her career in TV production in the early 2000s. After close work with broadcasting design she jumped into movie VFX production as a coordinator and later as a producer. In 2011 Julia joined Main Road Post team. Along with the Studio she the path to growth from the boutique facility to 100+ major of the domestic market and took an active role in switching the studio management pipeline from standard techniques to agile approaches. As VFX producer Julia worked at numerous large-scale Russian film productions such as Stalingrad, Attraction, Invasion, Sputnik, Cosmoball.

Sessions with Julia Huene

Main Road Post: VFX without borders:

Dec 15 2020
10:40 - 11.20