Martin Taylor

Martin Taylor

Martin Taylor – CEO Founder, XR innovator

Martin Taylor is a multi award-winning Creative Director, specialising in mixed reality, volumetric filmmaking and the future of immersive storytelling. He is co-founder, Director and Chief Creative Officer of Prox & Reverie, a multi-reality experience lab, innovating new ways to bridge physical, digital and imagined Worlds.

Martin has been in the immersive media industry since 2013 with Prox & Reverie being the second immersive business he has built. With skills ranging from filmmaking and industrial design, to perception psychology and lucid dream research, XR innovation has become his natural home.

Prior to P&R, Martin was Chief Creative Officer and co-founder of Sydney based studio Start Beyond (formerly Start VR), where he oversaw production innovation and new narrative techniques.

Before pivoting into VR, Martin led a prolific 20-year career as a filmmaker for screen in both commercial content and documentaries. He is a regular keynote speaker and panelist on the subjects of XR as an emerging medium for future audiences, storytelling and as a tool for enhancing human potential.


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