FRANCO-NORDIC CO-PRODUCTION: Growing partnerships and new opportunities

FRANCO-NORDIC CO-PRODUCTION: Growing partnerships and new opportunities

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Welcome to the Franco-Nordics event where we explore funding, incentives and co-production possibilities between the Nordics and France.

With speakers from the CNC (French National Centre for Cinema), Nordisk Film & TV Fond, regional funding representatives, producers and film commissioners. We will dive into three Franco-Nordic co-productions in different stages: “More Than Ever”, “Red Swamp” and “Bergman Island”.

Wendy Mitchell – Journalist/Consultant


Liselott Forsman –  Nordisk Film & TV Fond
Mathieu Fournet – CNC

More Than Ever
French Producer: Xenia Maingot Eaux Vives
Norway Co-Producer: Ragna Midtgard – Mer Film

Red Swamp
UK Producer / writer: Anthony Alleyne – Born Wild
Finland Production: Mark Lwoff Bufo
Sweden Managing Partner: Nicola Soderlund Eccho Rights

Bergman Island
France Producer: Charles Gillibert – CG

Stéphane Martinet – Film Paris Region
Nathalie Bremond – Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Helen Ahlsson – Swedish Film Institute
Magnus Thomassen – Zefyr Regional Fund